I’m an EU national living in another EU country

ll countries offer family benefits but amounts and conditions differ widely.
If you receive a pension from only one EU country…

… that country will also pay your family benefits, in accordance with its own rules. In addition, you might be entitled to family benefits on the basis of residence in another country than the one that pays your pension. In that case, the total amount of your family benefits will be equal to the highest benefits available.
If you receive a pension from several EU countries…

… you may be entitled to a pension in the country where your children live. If so, that country will pay your family benefits in accordance with its own rules. If you are not entitled to a pension in the country where your children live, you will receive family benefits from the country where you have been insured or resided the longest.

If the rules in another country where you receive a pension entitle you to a higher amount of benefit, that country will pay you the difference between that amount and the amount you receive from the country paying your family benefits.
Sample story


Get to know which country should pay your family benefits

Irina from Greece worked her whole life in the United Kingdom and moved back to Greece when she retired. She has two children aged 13 and 15 and applies for family benefits in Greece. The Greek authorities tell her that pensioners are not entitled to family benefits under Greek law. They are entitled to an increased pension but as Irina is not entitled to a Greek pension, she cannot take advantage of this possibility. However Irina is entitled to a British pension and should, as a consequence, apply for family benefits at British authorities.

Social security systems vary widely within Europe. If you would like information about family benefits in the country that is responsible for paying them to you, go to:

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